SoHo Playhouse is like a church for me. There is so much history, so many ghosts, so many stories here.

Michael Shannon (Killer Joe ‘99 / Excuse My Dust ‘14)


Over a decade ago, SoHo Playhouse Inc. started with a single goal - to help keep Off-Broadway alive. The off-Broadway movement is perhaps one of the most important developments for American Arts. American theatre is respected all over the world as inferior to none. This reputation is in large measure due to the courage and willingness to experiment from actors, producers, and playwrights. And the only real opportunity for this sort of experimentation is on off-Broadway.

We have talked to actors, producers, playwrights, and theatre-goers. In order to keep this mission alive, ticket sales are not enough. We need to raise money to help keep alive a platform to allow international and domestic artists to experiment and take risks.

Our success comes from individuals like you. Without you, it is impossible to give artists the platform to experiment and share their messages with the world. 

It’s so exciting. Let's see how much we can do together.  


SoHo Playhouse works closely with corporations to understand their business objectives and determine with them the best fit of corporate partnership to meet specific partnership goals. The SoHo Playhouse provides critical operating support while receiving a range of employee, executive and entertaining opportunities; Corporate Sponsors enjoy co-branding, customized experiences and access to the SoHo Playhouse’s loyal audiences; and Global Sponsors enjoy category exclusivity, and the benefits of sustained cultural collaboration and long term working relationship meeting specific partner company goals. 

Become a Corporate Sponsor

As one of New York’s foremost historic and cultural institutions—reaching a loyal audience of more than 20,000 at the SoHo Playhouse in New York and over 100,000 people around the globe each year—SoHo Playhouse is a leader in innovative and bespoke partnerships with companies on the local, national, and international level. SoHo Playhouse offers customized experiences which align with our corporate partners’ business priorities and provide wide-ranging branding and marketing opportunities.