FLEABAG FEATURE NY Times: 10 Things Our Critics Are Looking Forward to in 2019

NY TIMES: 10 Things Our Critics Are Looking Forward To in 2019

‘Fleabag’ on the Stage

Excerpt: Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s television comedy is so disorienting you almost feel compelled to see it in person — to try to inspect its seams and figure out how it all fits together. How does Waller-Bridge take this mass of human pain (grief, self-loathing, class anxiety, dysfunctional female relationships, weird sex stuff) and refashion it into works that feel both bizarrely funny and scary real? In the dramedy “Fleabag,” her comedy assumed the form of a sex-addicted London cafe owner (played by Waller-Bridge herself) who was mourning the death of her best friend; in “Killing Eve,” she channeled it through a cop hunting the psychopathic killer who was hunting her back. “Fleabag” actually began as a one-woman live show that lit up the Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2013, and starting Feb. 28 Waller-Bridge will perform that show at Off Broadway’s SoHo Playhouse, where American audiences can study her talents up close. AMANDA HESS

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